About Us

SINAMARK™ is a small boutique silk floss manufacturer founded by a Chinese American environmentalist with a mission to reduce the tremendous amount of plastic waste being manufactured by global petro-chemical corporations today, that continue to pollute our planet on a daily basis.  It’s not just bad for the planet, it’s not just bad for wildlife, it’s bad for our health.  Many major brands put toxic materials into their floss. 

In contrast, we don’t believe there is any justification to compromise your health or our planet.  We source our 100% natural silk from farmers in China – the birthplace of silk manufacture.  For over 5000 years, China has been producing the world’s finest silks.  Today, the silk used in floss is produced using the latest technology in a sanitized environment.  Although it feels luxurious, we didn’t create silk floss as a luxury product.  Silk is extremely strong – pound for pound, gram for gram, silk is stronger than steel.  Yet it is 100% compostable.  That is why only 100% natural silk is used for SINASILK™ dental floss.

SINAMARK™ “Mark of Excellence” is not just our slogan – it’s our promise to you.  We put our MARK on our product only after passing extensive tests, and meeting our high quality standards. 

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